Friday Prayers for Egypt: Continuation

Flag Cross Quran


To some degree, dramatic events were more of the same. For good or for ill, some may well carry forward, some must irrevocably stop. Judge rightly, God, and guide Egypt to your judgment.

Coptic families were gunned down on an outing to a monastery.

Websites were blocked in a dispute over content and orientation.

An NGO law was ratified establishing greater government oversight.

Each is a continuation.

The massacre is the fourth in five months, forgetting not the 2013 church attacks following the Rabaa dispersal, the 2011 Maspero incident, and the 2010 New Year’s Eve bombing.

After Morsi’s removal a number of Islamist media networks were shut down.

After Mubarak’s resignation a number of NGOs were raided amid ongoing investigations.

The difference of opinion ranges from minimal to severe. God, fill in and close the gaps.

Only the most hardened justify the ambush in Minya. But some suggest Copts somehow are reaping the consequence of their political stances.

The websites in question were not shy to be critical. Some are said to be funded by Islamist-friendly nations, others are said to be independent.

Many Egyptians believe the upheavals of the past few years gestated through foreign NGOs. Some call the law draconian; some call it necessary.

How then to pray?

Sanctify life in the eyes of all. Make none a pawn in political games.

Foster free and responsible media. Let true information circulate widely.

Protect the people from/through NGOs. Help government partner with civil society.

God, Egypt is troubled and needs your support. For good or for ill, old patterns continue.

Carry forward your blessing. Stop irrevocably the plague.


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