Friday Prayers for Egypt: Old Things

Flag Cross Quran


So much in Egypt is old. Some gets preserved. Some gets restored. 

All is its heritage. Honor and judge appropriately.  

Over the past few weeks many Pharaonic artefacts have been discovered. Mummies, statues, funerary cartouches.

Let Egypt celebrate, God, and the world with her. Some are inspiring, some are mishandled. Help archaeology support the understanding of history. Help tourism support the suffering economy.

Over the past several weeks many Mubarak-era figures have been highlighted. Businessmen, ministers, political operatives.

Let Egypt reflect, God, and the judiciary with her. Some have reconciled, some have fled. Help the people understand this era properly. Help justice come where it is due.

God, may Egypt honor her past and her elders. Yet at the same time you make all things new. 

From generation to generation, from millennia to millennia, help her find her way. 

Preserve her peace. Restore her faith. May she honor you. 



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