Friday Prayers for Egypt: Palm Sunday

Flag Cross Quran


Easter is coming. May it be safe for Egyptian Christians.

Sunday is coming, and Monday after that, and Tuesday… May it be safe for Egyptians.

Forty-five people are dead after twin suicide bombings at churches on the start of Holy Week. Among them are Muslims, though only one faith was targeted.

This time. Some attacks have targeted Muslims of particular ilk. Many have targeted police, army, and other men of state.

But the nation responded as if it was an attack on national unity, and so should the prayer follow.

Bless the Christian martyrs, God, yes. Bless the Egyptian dead.

And may this prayer be echoed in the hearts of Egyptians nationwide.

It is too little to pray hold the nation together, for it does not show signs of being torn asunder.

But national unity is a slogan that is neither empty nor full. It is a reality, yet still an aspiration.

So bring together Muslim and Christian in the aftermath, and help them to know each other. Let this be a mark that undoes terrorist intention.

Yet what is the fullness of the aspiration? Citizenship? Protection? Accommodation? God, there are differing visions among different Egyptians.

Let them come together, and let them discuss. Let them bare their hearts and find your way.

Respect. Honor. Justice. Peace. Love.

There are those who actively work against these, God. Silence them. Redeem them. But put their ideas to rest. Too much exists even on the margins, seeping ever closer to the mainstream.

Until then, defend.

Equip the government to ensure both security and rights. Alert the people to threats both tangible and notional. Uplift society to immunize with both economy and education.

And above all, through the fear of God and the bond of humanity.

On the day of the bombs your Messiah was lauded. If Egypt must follow him in suffering provide also his triumph.

Give new life to the troubled soul.


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