Friday Prayers for Egypt: Bread and Entry

Flag Cross Quran


Facing a severe decline in tourism, Egypt doubles the entry fee.

Facing corruption in the bread market, Egypt scales back supply.

Both decisions can be seen as sensible, God, but outcry is loud and execution haphazard. Give wisdom for right policy.

Immediately the government postponed the visa price hike, and hints a final decision has not been made.

Immediately the government distributed thousands of smart cards, to better document the citizen ration.

The tourism sector protested, and the government responded. The lower class demonstrated, and the government acted.

But God, aid in better pre-consultation. Widen the circles of policy discussion that all stakeholders might first come to consensus.

And aid in better administration. Wise projects poorly implemented can sometimes double disorder.

May tourists come. May people eat.

Open the gate that leads to peace; supply the bread that leads to life.

God, preserve Egypt as she finds her way.


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