Friday Prayers for Egypt: Christmas, Safe and Suicide

Flag Cross Quran


There were two disturbing deaths in Egypt this week, but in perverse praise, at least they were individual.

Coptic Christmas passed safely. Two weeks ago a suicide bomber killed 28 worshippers near the papal cathedral, raising fears of holiday carnage.

God, thank you for the necessary security. Hasten the day it will not be required.

Help the president join you in making it so. For the third year running he visited the pope during Christmas celebrations, the first head-of-state ever to do so even once.

May this example spread to the people. May it encourage the many who need not the impetus. May it cower the few who by it are enraged.

Facts and motivations are not yet clear, God, but it appears one of these few slit the throat of a Coptic shop owner. A ‘bearded man’ was offended by the alcohol business, and took his understanding of sharia into his own hands.

Bring justice in the case, God, and may the president’s example spread beyond the holiday. May all crimes be prosecuted equally. May rule of law and citizenship be established.

And may the suicide of this week, in perverse hope, raise fears in the culture of corruption.

A high official in the judicial system hung himself in custody. He and others were charged with accepting bribes and profiting millions.

God, comfort his family. Have mercy on his soul. But if indeed he was guilty, follow relentlessly those of his ilk.

Stamp out corruption through proper investigation. Narrow its odds through judicious transparency. Let the examples that remain, in perverse relief, be individual.

Save Egypt from the systemic in all but peace and goodwill toward men. God, through the coming year may she be safe.



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