Friday Prayers for Egypt: More Money

Flag Cross Quran


Egypt’s economy is still not doing well. But at least she has more money to play with. May she play wisely.

The second tranche of the World Bank loan was received, along with another installment from the African Development Bank. Together they represent well over a billion dollars.

Egypt has many outstanding debts to pay. She has a budget to meet. She has poor mouths to feed.

But she also has jobs to create, projects to complete, and infrastructure to repair.

God, help this money stimulate the economy. May it stabilize the pound and spark new investment. May it give breathing room for necessary reform.

But these loans also must be repaid. From now until then, fill Egypt’s coffers from the sweat of her own brow. Restore tourism. Develop the canal.

End corruption.

God, international lenders have confidence in Egypt. Help her to be worthy. Help her nourish a society that can put it to good use. May competition, quality, and capital flourish.

Otherwise, more money risks being the root of more evil.

Money is a great blessing, God. With it may Egypt bless many beside. Care for her people, and help them to prosper.



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