Friday Prayers for Egypt: Turf


Flag Cross Quran


Men will always defend their turf. But doing so can shake the whole.

Make Egypt more than the sum of her parts. Being her together in consensus with all.

The state has proposed an agricultural investment project in the underdeveloped areas of the south.

But doing so sells off the land of the marginalized Nubians. Displaced by construction of the High Dam, the constitution guarantees their right of return.

They now protest against further loss of turf.

The state is prosecuting violations of the protest law, among them journalists who demonstrated against the ceding of two Red Sea islands.

They took refuge in their syndicate, which was eventually stormed by police.

Now the head of the syndicate is also arrested, and the general body is studying how best to protect their turf.

The state has imprisoned many Brotherhood members for participation in violence and betrayal of the nation. Court cases resulted in rapid convictions, some of which have been confirmed.

But higher courts have overturned others, ordering a retrial. The Brotherhood struggles to fight for survival. But the judiciary also has its own turf.

God, guide Egypt in each issue.

Develop the economy, in cooperation with the people. Ensure necessary stability, with guarantee of rights. Weigh justice judicially, with due process on every charge.

Bless those who strive honestly for all they believe to be their right. But guard against partisanship and selfish insistence.

Bless those who struggle in defense of their kin. But temper the strong who may press upon the small.

Make Egypt united in support of her turf.

But remind Egypt also that all turf is yours.



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