Friday Prayers for Egypt: Prices

Flag Cross Quran


For many in Egypt these are difficult days. Taxes are increasing, subsidies are reducing, the pound is depreciating, and prices are rising.

And as many fear worse is to come, people are hoarding. Basic commodities are disappearing. Some are smuggling, others siphoning.

The government is reacting. The military is supplying. The economy is sliding. Many are worrying.

God, your wisdom is needed. Help the ministers set proper policy. Help the international community know how to assist. Help the consumers distinguish their wants from their needs.

Help the people budget. Help their budgets stretch.

Help the police weed out corruption. Help the nation eliminate waste. Help tourists return. Help investment simplify.

There are many things wrong that need fixing, God. Lend your aid, and may Egypt listen. The root cause, the surface trouble, and everything in between—set things right.

Bless Egypt, God. May prices hold, and her people rise.



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