Friday Prayers for Egypt: Dogs, Slaves, and FGM

Flag Cross Quran


As is fitting, we love our own. All too often, we fail to love others. Not infrequently, we degrade and discriminate where instead we should honor.

And in Egypt this week, examples confirm what is found in all men. Help the nation root it out.

During UN sponsored environmental meetings, a Kenyan official circulated a memo accusing her Egyptian counterpart of referring to sub-Saharan Africans as ‘dogs and slaves’. After an investigation, Egypt’s foreign ministry called the accusation a lie.

Racism is in the room, wherever the truth. But wherever the human, racism is in the heart.

God, may these nations cooperate to determine what happened. May they hold accountable the one at fault.

But may they also address the sentiment that deems the Arab over the African, or vice versa. May many examine themselves, and repent.

Hold true, God, the proper love of nation, tribe, clan, and self. May the people of the region find harmony in their many identities, ever widening their circles of concern.

Widen also the circles of trust. A cultural lack resulted in death for a victim of sexism, a close cousin of race.

Though Egypt and her religious institutions denounce FGM, a young girl died during her female circumcision. Inherited over the centuries, one justification says it is necessary to curb sexual desire.

God, may the tragedy cause her family to reflect. Forgive them the blind repetition of their fathers. Transform them to defend the wholeness of your creation.

May the neighbors learn, may the nation enforce. But may an entire mindset be changed.

Gender and race, God, and other divisions may be added to the list. Help Egypt, help us all, to esteem each other rightly.



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