Friday Prayers for Egypt: Journalists vs Police

Flag Cross Quran


So much in Egypt is zero sum. Nullify correctly, or change the equation.

During recent protests over the Red Sea islands, several journalists were arrested. Many were quickly released. But when police entered the syndicate to arrest two journalists staging a sit-in, the majority believe a line was crossed.

Police had a warrant, but allegedly broke protocol and press law.

As the syndicate calls for the dismissal of the Interior Minister, police accidentally revealed an internal memo on how to discredit journalists. Newspapers united to boycott the minister’s name and use his photo in negative. Escalation is threatened, while other activists are arrested.

God, it is human to struggle. Negotiation is a vital art. But restore to Egypt the trust and decency necessary to determine what is best for all.

Best, God, is a free society with vigilant police. Best is a discerned transparency with vigilant journalists.

There are many understandable barriers to what is best, with many and diverse interpretations. But save Egypt from the barrier of protecting turf. Save her from the barrier of manipulating exaggeration.

Save her from herself, but from within herself. Promote personnel who can forge consensus while identifying wrong.

Help Egypt reform widely, discipline accountably, and fight honorably.

Make no one a zero, God, but fix every fraction. Bless Egypt, and make her whole.


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