Friday Prayers for Egypt: Demonstration Denied

Flag Cross Quran


Discontent with the Red Sea islands has not been dissipated. But it has been kept off the streets.

For good or for ill, God. Egypt can ill afford another protest movement, unless she needs it altogether.

Egypt’s greater good can be debated, but it should include a right to protest.

And as 30% of the country believes the islands are Egyptian, help the nation deal with the aftermath of demonstrations denied.

Courage, God, for those who insist on protesting. Help them weigh well the cost of conviction, and judge the potential of redemptive sacrifice.

Determination, God, for those who defend the detainees. Help them divide between the true and the troublemaker, and may all receive a faithful due process.

Wisdom, God, for the members of parliament. Help them balance responsibility to both claim and constituent, and cast a vote of informed conscience.

For the people, God, grant awareness, ability, and agency. For the process, trust, transparency, and truth.

Bless the government with discernment and professional administration.

Bless the nation with peace.


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