Friday Prayers for Egypt: Reuters 25

Flag Cross Quran


Ninety million Egyptians have a name. With truth and courage, may they state them freely.

For much can be hidden without it, God. The name of the Italian researcher is known, and have mercy on him. But he was killed by the anonymous, as anonymous others point to a culprit.

Reuters will protect these sources, as good journalism must do. But they ask readers to trust them, as others call false.

Judge between them, God, and hold the guilty accountable. But make Egypt a place where none will ever need to hide their name. Let all be transparent. Let all be true.

For on the 25th, some will rally publicly while others wear a mask. In continuation of protests over the designation of Red Sea islands as Saudi territory, thousands may again descend to the streets.

They are unlikely to have authorization to do so. God, give wisdom to the government, to permit, forbid, or restrict. May no blood be shed. May all act honorably.

And give grace to Egypt, to meet these challenges righteously. Correct. Reprove. Transform. Redeem.

Let all be done before the public eye. Let the name of Egypt merit respect. So too for each of the ninety million.



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