Friday Prayers for Egypt: Coming King

Flag Cross Quran


As royalty comes to Egypt, prepare well the welcome. It is largely Saudi largess that has kept afloat the republic.

But may the need not be so great, God. Inspire investment. Attract tourists. Send global trade through the Suez Canal.

And until then, help Egypt act an appropriate ally.

For on some issues they differ dramatically. Bring peace to Syria, with or without Assad. Guide rightly on Islam, with conviction and respect.

And where they align, help them do right. Settle the issues of political religion with justice, transparency, and visionary acumen.

God, bless both president and king. In vastly different contexts they share the same trust. May they serve their people. May they honor you.

Speak to them, God, as they speak to each other. Help them find the good path forward in difficult times.


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