Friday Prayers for Egypt: Maadi, Murder

Flag Cross Quran


The news this week is gruesome, and hits too close to home.

An Italian researcher was found dead on the side of the road with signs of torture evident. And a six-hour police siege near a Cairo suburb popular with foreigners resulted in the death of two alleged terrorists.

Egypt needs peace, God. Perhaps these are signs of a desperate resistance smoldering on its last ashes. Perhaps it signals deeper issues that threaten stability for the unforeseen future.

Either way, God, make Egypt safe. Safe for the residents from the infiltration of criminals. Safe for the foreigners most usually welcomed.

But these days are not usual, God. Frustrated by loss of political power some are turning to violence. Frustrated by lack of international support some are enflaming xenophobia.

The hope is not a return to normal, but an establishment of good. Make Egypt vibrant. Help Egypt flourish. Free her from the tensions that bind her spirit.

May foreigners listen, learn, and share liberally. May Egyptians prosper, police, and inspire politically.

God, give comfort to the Italian’s family. Give comfort to the nation he studied. May no life be lost to vanity. May no horror undo a home.



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