Friday Prayers for Egypt: Revolution Blasphemy

Flag Cross Quran


Another revolutionary anniversary has come and gone, this one quieter than in years past. But as the narrative is tested, so also the freedoms that came in its wake.

Give wisdom to society, to know where it stands.

Was the revolution a conspiracy? So say many pundits. Was it a national moment? So say many officials.

Most important God, make the truth known. However nuanced the answer, help Egypt understand rightly the last five years of tumult.

Prod all to remember. Preserve all who record. Protect all who reveal. Publish all in transparency.

Discredit all who manipulate. Honor all who build.

And in the building, come consensus. In particular about right and wrong.

For another figure fell this week to the blasphemy law, God. Criticizing the practice of a holiday, she slighted a tradition of the religious. And for it a judge sent her to jail.

There is a truth about you, God. Yet of it people differ. These differences matter in faith, but they also matter to a people.

May they not be offended, nor give offense. But what when they are? And what when they do?

The answers, God, strike different peoples as near inviolable principles. So make clear to all where your principles lie.

Guide Egypt in truth, in freedom, in respect, in responsibility. In humility, help her balance between them.

This, God, would be a revolution. Interpret the former, inspire the latter.

May there be proper reverence for all things holy.



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