Friday Prayers for Egypt: Review and Oversight

Flag Cross Quran


As the Egyptian parliament begins its constitutional mandate, provide it the wisdom necessary to serve the country well.

Its first task is the review the dozens of laws passed in its absence. Given the restricted timeframe of fifteen days, they are widely expected to pass the great majority. But particular attention will be given to the controversial protest, health care, and civil service laws.

So God, make this process more than a rubber stamp. Divide the parliamentarians well into committees of their expertise, and give each law its due.

Its second task is the oversight of government performance, of which it has authorized an investigation earlier than expected. The central auditor released a report detailing extensive state corruption, but a presidential committee said he misrepresented figures. Parliament will now weigh between them.

The auditor has been accused of working to bring down the regime on behalf of the Brotherhood. He says he has documents to back up his claims.

So God, divest this case of its political overtones. Open the books to allow full transparency, and call each expenditure to account.

Parliament is a diverse body, God. There are many serious members to be sure; but opening days have been a media circus.

In these early days, knit them together in partnership and divide them effectually over the issues. Give the body its weight as a separate power, to help hold the system in check.

May they lead, and help them serve. Bless Egypt, God, and the representatives of her people.



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