Friday Prayers for Egypt: Christmas, Terror

Flag Cross Quran


As Egypt receives echoes of both hope and horror, make true the promise and put down the threat. Help the people live in peace.

The president once again visited the papal cathedral for Christmas mass. He esteemed the unity of the nation and assured all destroyed churches would be repaired this year.

But terrorists once again killed policemen, destroyed pipelines, and targeted tourists—this time at a popular beach resort. It is a reminding blow to the notion that Egypt is secure.

So God, help Egypt remember correctly.

May she recall neighborly relations between religions. May she resolve through pain of innocents lost.

Let churches be rebuilt and Muslims also celebrate. Let grief heal wounds and reach out in forgiveness.

Otherwise echoes risk ringing empty. Hearts will be hardened and divisive lines reinforced.

God, amplify the sounds of hope. Revive the pulse of justice. Erase the marks of hostility.

Egypt has a long way to go. Echoes alone are monotonous. Strike forth a symphony, and bid her rejoice.


2 replies on “Friday Prayers for Egypt: Christmas, Terror”

Hi Jayson

Hope you all had a good Christmas new year and Coptic Christmas. Even if you were away for part of it..

My reason for writing is I was hoping you might be doing a précis/translation of the President and the Popes speech. Did you go? I think I would like to attend one day.

Lphg&p in abundance to you all




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