Friday Prayers for Egypt: Consensus and Ideal

Flag Cross Quran


Bless Egypt in this new year. Lead her to prosperity, lead her to justice. Lead her into common understanding of your ideals for both.

To a great degree consensus is forming, God. Presidential popularity figures remain high. A non-polarized parliament was elected. The controversies of the revolutionary period are being left behind.

But so also, some say, are its promises. Thousands of Egyptians remain in jail. The economy is faltering. Familiar accusations are leveled against security excesses.

God, your ideals have not yet come. Do not let Egypt rest content in a consensus that falls short of the best you wish for the nation.

But guard also against two dangers: The discontent that rails against any shortcoming, and the conflation of particular political vision with your will.

This year, God, help Egypt to function. Help her to reform.

Help her pay her debts. Help her feed her people. Help her navigate a treacherous regional balance.

Help her supply energy. Help her launch businesses. Help her develop true civil and political society.

Help her fight corruption. Help her end terrorism. Help her cultivate both prosperity and justice.

God, bless Egypt and her people. Give them unity, give them peace.



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