Friday Prayers for Egypt: Roadmap Concluding

Flag Cross Quran


It has been a long road, but it is almost over. But then the real journey begins.

Following the ouster of Morsi, Egypt has ratified a constitution, elected a president, and now stands ready to seat a parliament.

The end has not been easy, nor celebrated. Terrorists have killed candidates and assassinated judges. Turnout has been low.

Many still oppose the process. Many are disinterested. Many are more concerned over food and security. But millions have voted, finding either meaning or benefit.

Turn them all, God, to build their society. If the road has been paved, may they walk upon it.

For parliament in particular, may the final selections be worthy. May the whole represent the people, and hold accountable the government.

And with democratic institutions complete, may Egypt function democratically. May violence cease; may economy grow. May the people be free to run their country well.

God, in the months and years to come, give Egypt precious stability. Give her good governance. Give her a will to address root issues. Give her a hope of compounding success.

This journey, God, does not end. May the map forward be clear, and easier to follow.


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