Friday Prayers for Egypt: Russia, Give and Take

Flag Cross Quran


Russia is a strange ally. The week begins with the declaration her airliner was brought down by a bomb. It ends with agreement to build a nuclear reactor.

Help Egypt in the back and forth. Negotiate the give and take.

Egypt is maintaining caution in making any pronouncements on terrorism, waiting until the commission concludes. Russia had been with them, then with the UK stopped the tourist flow.

Is it pressure politics or necessary precaution? Rebuke Egypt if she is playing games. Protect Egypt if others are.

But rebuild the tourist sector, God, and with it Egypt’s professional reputation. Help her standardize operations and keep all safe. Thwart those intent on causing her harm.

And may building a reactor result only in good.

God, honor Egypt with the energy she needs. With nuclear comes risk, and maybe temptation. All assurances are given that intentions are peaceful. There is so much to gain, so much to go wrong.

Keep Egypt safe from error. Guard against negligence. Handle waste. Hinder sabotage.

Between now and completion, make Egypt ready.

In relationship with Russia, may Egypt both benefit and avoid entanglement. In all international affairs, help her stay sovereign. Help her do right.

May Egypt neither give nor take, God. May she bless. May she experience your example, and imitate.


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