Friday Prayers for Egypt: Media Mayhem

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Western press jumps on Egypt and local press scowls back.

A local anchor demands the president keep the state accountable gets herself suspended.

A local investigative journalist spends 48 hours in military detention.

A local media magnate has his assets frozen under a cocktail of unclear charges.

Western press paints a crisis and local press cries conspiracy.

Each case, God, deserves its own nuance. And each case reminds of the importance of journalism. Help Egypt, and the West, to get it right.

The press has power, let it be used for good. It shapes opinion, let it reveal reality. It shines a light, let it expose wrongdoing. It levels critique, let it hold all accountable.

It is part of society, let it be held accountable.

Honor competence. Hone professionalism. Foster freedom. Summon courage.

Fix the failings of media, that media might spur a fix for failures elsewhere.

Let it be a mirror. Let it be a magnifying glass. Let it be a microscope.

Let it unleash all appropriate mayhem. Let it corral all possible chaos.

God, bless Egypt with a pen that is sharper than the sword. May the word take hold, and make all well.


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