Friday Prayers for Egypt: Probable Cause

Flag Cross QuranGod,

A week later, still not enough is known. What caused the Russian airliner to fall from the sky?

A joint Egyptian-Russian team has been studying debris and black boxes, but has yet to issue a final report.

But ISIS’s affiliate in the Sinai claimed – twice – that it brought down the plane, though it will withhold specifics until a time of its choosing.

And officials in the US and UK have stated that an onboard bomb is the most likely cause, garnished from intelligence gained in online chatter.

Since then tourists are being evacuated, airlines are changing flight paths, vacationers are being warned, and Egypt is growing angry. The damage to her tourist industry is immeasurable, already in a climate of economic stress.

God, make sense of it all soon.

May the truth be known. May precautions be taken. May all stay safe. May they vacation in peace.

But God, why are nations not cooperating? Are Egypt and Russia dragging their feet, afraid to confirm a terrorist act? Are the US and UK leaking suspicion for political pressure?

Comfort the families of those who have died. Facilitate the return of tourists who wish. Help experts share intel and information. Keep a bad situation from becoming worse.

God, responsible or not for this tragedy, root out the terrorism that claims and rejoices.

But God, settle everyone’s spirits. Let neither fear nor frustration influence sound judgment. Grant Egypt wisdom and leadership to guide through this crisis.

May all be known transparently. May all be safer in the end.

God, bless Egypt and all who visit.


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