Friday Prayers for Egypt: Election, Exchange

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Low turnout. Salafis lose. Runoffs pending.

Pound devalues. Banker resigns. Policy changing?

Few words are needed to describe events of the week, God. As many return to a business-as-usual approach to politics, a crisis emerges in the currency of business.

So in short, give wisdom to the new central bank manager. He must manage depreciation to the dollar, prevent debilitating inflation, hold on to foreign reserves, stimulate international investment, and facilitate domestic imports.

Different sectors want different policies. Give him discernment for what is right, what will serve his nation.

And help voters do the same. After selecting candidates among dozens of names, most must return for a streamlined choice.

Inspire at least the same turnout, God. Perhaps more. Revive a sense of civic engagement. Renew a reality in its importance.

May the parliament to come build a sound foundation to represent the people. May the exchange rate to come settle at a level that provides stability and fairness.

Develop economy.

Grant agency.

God, bless Egypt in all her choices.


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