Friday Prayers for Egypt: Regional Balance

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Help Egypt to honor her neighbors, near and far. Help her to satisfy commitments, repay debts, and work for peace.

Help her toward a wise and sovereign foreign policy.

Egypt is alive economically because of Saudi aid. Egypt supports their offensive in Yemen. Saudi Arabia desires the fall of Syria’s Assad. Egypt backs Russian strikes against Assad’s enemies.

Egypt appoints a culture minister who speaks against Wahhabism. Saudi welcomes a pro-Brotherhood luminary.

There are interests in international relations, God, but there are also principles. There is balance of power, but also use of power. Hard as it may be to determine, there is right and wrong.

Right is to honor neighbors. Right is to satisfy commitments. Right is to repay debts.

Right is to work for peace.

On Syria, Egypt has called for a political solution. Is this right, God? Has too much wrong been waged that might must impose from the outside?

God, find a peaceful solution. Too many have died. Too many have suffered. Too many are implicated.

There is compromise, God, but there is also hypocrisy. There is the lesser of evils, but also evil. Help Egypt, her neighbors, and the international community to conduct themselves rightly.

Bring balance to the region, God. Bring peace, justice, and stability. Bless Egypt with sovereignty. May she use it to bless others.


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