Friday Prayers for Egypt: Statements Abroad

Flag Cross QuranGod,

At the United Nations and in interviews with Western press, President Sisi issued many positive statements. Egypt is improving its economy. Parliamentary elections are coming. Freedoms are being protected. Terrorism is being fought.

May it all be true.

Moreover, God, may it set an agenda. May the president’s rhetoric signal initiative to make it fully true. May it speak to ministers, officials, police, activists, politicians, and ordinary citizens that the promises of revolution are priority.

For back in Egypt, there are areas where it is not yet true. Activists have disappeared. Judicial trials are disputed. Inflation strains the economy. Terrorism is a lingering threat.

God, help Egypt balance between encouraging word and wounding critique. Let the president’s rhetoric speak of hope that launches new momentum. Let his policy implement reform that creates new culture.

Give Sisi wisdom, God. Give him men of integrity and efficiency.

Give Egypt justice, God. Give her systems of transparency and accountability.

Preserve Egypt. Bless her president. Establish all that is right and true. May those abroad bear witness.


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