Getting Around in Egypt

Everyday Egypt is a Facebook page featuring the images of photographers active in the country. Many thanks to Egyptian Streets for collecting these great photos showing the reality of daily transportation for millions of Egyptians. Please enjoy, and visit their pages also for regular updates that go beyond the sometimes distorting headlines.

1. The daily bus journey

The daily struggle on a bus in Egypt. Photo by Ahmed Fouad

2. Cycling the old streets of Cairo

A man uses the bicycle to get around El Moez Street in Cairo. Photo by Pan Chaoyue

3. Cairo’s vehicular lifeline

Cairo's vehicle lifeline: the October 6 Bridge. Photo by Mahmoud Khaled

4. Party time? A ‘disco pick-up truck’

A 'disco pick-up truck' somewhere between Koul el Atroun and Toukh in the Nile Delta. Photo by Tinne Van Loon

5. When there’s just not enough space

Sometimes there just isn't enough space on the micro-bus. Photo by @kareem_1911

6. Candy Crush fever on the Cairo metro

Some things are universal. Photo by Nadia Mounier

7. Even livestock need to get around

Not as uncommon as you'd think. Photo by Tinne Van Loon

8. Is this Venice or Alexandria?

Al Max in Alexandria (Egypt's Venice). Photo by Ahmed Hayman

9. The everyday ferry commute

Crossing the Nile River on a ferry boat. Photo by Pan Chaoyue

10. Four people and one motorbike

Egyptian youth riding a 'vesba' in Cairo. Photo by Roger Anis

11. Watching the world pass by on a train

On the Cairo-Alexandria train. Photo by Sima Diab.

12. The subway journey

The everyday subway journey. Photo by Hadeer Mahmoud

13. Hanging on to a microbus

A child simply hanging off the back of a micro-bus in Giza. Photo by Roger Anis

14. Sometimes walking is just better

Often times, it makes more sense to just walk than to get stuck in one of Cairo's traffic jams. Photo by Tinne Van Loon

15. Even the ferries tend to be overcrowded

A ferry sails between Maghagha city and Sharona Island. Photo by Mohamed Ali Eddin

16. Tuk-tuk-ing through a sandstorm

A tuk-tuk riding through the haze o a sandstorm in October 6 City. Photo by Owise Abuzaid

17. Catching a microbus with civilization in the background

There's often no formal stops for micro-buses. Photo by Hadeer Mahmoud

18. There’s no yellow school bus for these children

Tens of children returning from school on a pick up truck at a remote village in Qantra Sharq, North Sinai. Photo by Mohamed Ali Eddin

19. The metro ride home can often be long

Sleeping by the window on the Metro in Cairo. Photo by Pan Chaoyue

20. Riding with style

A veiled woman driving a motorbike in Cairo. Photo by Roger Anis

21. The bus station

The bus station. Photo by Hadeer Mahmoud

22. Horse carriages are still common in some areas

Horse carts on the streets of Maghagha city in Minya. Photo by Mohamed Ali Eddin

23. Going home after a long day of working in the fields

Egyptian women laugh as they ride back home on a donkey cart after a hard days work in the fields in Giza. Photo by Tara Todras-Whitehill

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