Friday Prayers for Egypt: Natural Gas

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Thank you for good news for Egypt. Please prepare her to use it well, three-to-five years from now.

A massive offshore pool of natural gas was found this week in Egypt’s Mediterranean waters. Estimates say it increases her reserves by third. Long suffering an energy crunch, within a few years Egypt will be self-sufficient.

Therefore, God, may good trump greed. Help Egypt make necessary structural adjustments with minimal impact on labor. Help Egypt prepare industries with great impact on labor. And let all contracts be awarded transparently, that capital be rewarded for efficiency over proximity.

Clear Egypt of corruption, God. May the people see fruit from your good gift.


One reply on “Friday Prayers for Egypt: Natural Gas”

Amen thank you for this find Lord may it be used to improve the country for all. May it help relieve the poverty experienced by so many, may there be transparency and honesty in the path from under the sea thought to the end users, may people learn to use it well and sparingly not wasting it so it is available for generation to come. May the income be used to produce non fossil fuel products such as solar power and wind turbines to be fitted to Government buildings Schools and places of worship and associated buildings.
May there also be a programme to educate about the value of natural resources so they are not wasted especially in the making of plastic bags cling film and other plastic products. So many countries are realising the cost to the environment caused by the generosity of giving away so many plastic bags, and use of cling film as if it will never end.


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