Friday Prayers for Egypt: Police vs State

Flag Cross QuranGod,

The police have a hard job. They are targets for terrorism, accused of corruption, and scapegoats of a revolution. Their moral authority has been compromised, yet they are on the front lines of state sovereignty.

How much compensation do they deserve?

The lowest of them, the most numerous, and perhaps those most exposed, think it is not enough. In one location they protested to make their case known. Their colleagues were called in to disperse, with tear gas and resulting clashes.

For now the issue is at rest. The government has promised to study demands and meet some by early next month. September 5, the low ranking officers union will convene to discuss response.

God, give them wisdom, both now and then. God, give the state wisdom, in how to treat them right.

If they are placated, it could enflame other institutions of the state. Civil servants have slated a protest date a week later.

If they are rejected, it could enflame a vital institution of the state. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

At the same time, many call for the overall reform of the institution. Whether targets, accused, or scapegoats, the house is not in order.

God, find the right solution.

Inspire the police in the sacredness of their duty. Hold the police to the accountability of their charge. Empower the police for the fight against chaos. Imbue the police with ethics of service.

And for those they serve, may they return all proper respect. May they honor authority and obey the law. Rebuild the police reputation, God. May they be a pillar in a state that is just.


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