Friday Prayers for Egypt: New Suez Canal

Flag Cross QuranGod,

The Suez Canal is now longer, and wider, and deeper. It can accommodate ships in both directions. It was funded by the people; may they quickly recoup their investment.

Much, of course, is out of Egypt’s control. Revenue from the canal rises and falls from global shipping patterns. The new project keeps the watercourse competitive. Extra capacity and decreased wait signal growth opportunity.

But nothing beats location. God, this comes from you, so help Egypt be thankful.

Help her also to celebrate. It is a national achievement, a political success, and an economic potential. The nation needs good news.

But she also needs sober judgment. Many voices have lavished praise, many voices have decried waste. Many voices have agendas.

God, give the president faithful counsel. Guide him both to inspire, and to plan. Let all proceed from firm foundation.

Where there are cracks, God, fill them in. But let nothing be papered over. And where some chip away, prevent further erosion.

The Suez Canal is a symbol of Egypt, a national resource and a source of pride. Amid rumblings of terrorism, thank you for keeping the day safe.

But now move Egypt forward from this day. May the Canal Zone develop, may people flock there and find work. May politics and economy accommodate them all.

Your love has poured into Egypt for millennia, God. May it flow in both directions. Long, wide, and deep – may Egyptians respond to your investment.


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