Friday Prayers for Egypt: Health, Meds, and Water

Flag Cross Quran


Keep Egypt healthy. She does too much harm to herself, but aid also where she is trying.

Cancer statistics were released this week, and a national database will finally be developed. Hepatitis C has declined 30 percent over the past few years, and cheaper drugs are coming to the market.

But a different pharmaceutical firm was shut down after children died in Beni Suef. And many locations throughout the country receive water only sporadically. Other neighborhoods have lush, green grass, while over a third of residential water is lost through leakages in the pipes.

The problems are many: poor planning, poor maintenance, poor infrastructure, poor quality, poor habits.

Some are related to budget, some to culture. Inspire Egypt to fix them all.

The constitution mandates the increase of medical spending over time. Help education to spread awareness. Help the government to do its job.

Remove from influence the criminally negligent in both the public and private sector. But remove also the negligence of personal care. So much of good health lies only in attention to creation.

You have made all things wonderful, God. The land and waters and people of Egypt. Heal them. Preserve them. With sound body, mind, and spirit, may all thrive in harmony.


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