Friday Prayers for Egypt: Nervous Eid

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Give Egyptians a happy holiday at the end of Ramadan. Honor their fasting, hear their prayers. And above all, keep them safe.

The week began with a huge explosion at the Italian consulate. It ended with the claim of a terrorist attack on a naval vessel in the Mediterranean.

There have been warnings of more attacks over the multi-day Eid. Perhaps they are not aimed primarily at civilians, but people can be nervous all the same.

Calm them, God, with proper vigilance. Secure them, with proper faith.

The Cairo police chief was recently relieved of his duties. Establish a system of accountability that puts the most able in the top posts. Their assignment is challenging; give wisdom, supply intelligence.

With stability, in peace, help all enjoy this time with family. Strengthen bonds and renew religion. As Egyptians look to you, give them eyes to see correctly.

Let love drive out fear. Let security drive out terrorism. Let the Eid go back to normal.


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