Friday Prayers for Egypt: Anti-Terrorism Law

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Egypt has suffered terribly, how should she respond?

Some see the need for rapid justice following the assassination of the public prosecutor and a terrorist offensive in Sinai.

A draft law has been prepared to create special courts, prolong detentions, prohibit reporting outside of public statements, and prevent questioning security over use of force in the line of duty.

Others see the law as adequate, perhaps requiring more respect for its existing provisions and protection of freedoms. They see the draft law in fundamental opposition to the constitution.

God, there is balance between liberty and security in every society. Help Egypt to get it right.

But help her to debate well. If any manipulate silence their voices. If any disfigure may they be shamed. Pass no provision based on fear. Promote no freedom for the sake of vice.

Keep Egypt safe. Make Egypt just. Let her live free.

These are familiar refrains, God, ever evolving, never arrived. May Egypt, suffering or not, never tire of praying for them.


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