Egypt, Up and Down

Rule of Law IndexTwo global index reports recently released provide perspective on Egypt these days. Security is up, law is down.

According to the Global Peace Index, Egypt experienced the third largest jump among the 162 studied nations. Unfortunately, ranked at 137, it still has a long way to go. The assassination of the prosecutor general is indicative of the general trouble, as is the new offensive against Sheikh Zuweid in Sinai. But from a wider lens the security situation is improving.

Hopefully 2016 will witness a further rise, and these events do not singal the start of a downward spiral.

But according to the Rule of Law Index, Egypt fell twelve spots to number 86 among 102 studied nations. This is not an encouraging sign. After the assassination of the prosecution general, there may be worries that security will clamp down even tighter, skirting or bypassing safeguards for due process.

Law and order, both are necessary. Even, and perhaps especially, in trying times.

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