Friday Prayers for Egypt: Journalism, Minus

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Help Egypt know the truth about herself. Help her know the truth about her region. Give her good journalists of good conscience, with the freedom to do their job well.

A prominent NGO has said Egypt has jailed more journalists than ever before. The state replies all are held on non-press issues.

A prominent Jazeera journalist, wanted in Egypt, is briefly arrested in Germany. The confusing situation ended with his release.

A prominent newspaper dumps leaks from Saudi Arabia into the media. Some infer the kingdom uses its financial might to influence coverage.

And God, some media rail against the regime, while others rally to its defense. Both can be fair, but both should be fair. Like people and parties, principles can be at odds with each other. But let journalists, however they differ, walk only by principle in covering all.

Make the state strong enough to endure even those without principles. Expose those with a hidden agenda, while permitting the maximum freedom to inform society.

Make the state accountable when exposed by those with principles. Reform institutions that keep secrets hidden, while protecting the minimum need for national security.

God, it is only truth that brings freedom, even if freedom permits the presence of lies. Give Egypt wisdom and discernment. Give her journalists brave and good.

May she be open, strong, and free. May her conscience be pure.


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