Borio: Milk’s Favorite Cookie


Life can sometimes be much less expensive in Cairo than in other cities of the world, and what better test can demonstrate this than the Oreo cookie?

Or rather, the Borio.

I am not sure about any of the legalities in this locally produced knockoff of the popular Nabisco product, but it is ubiquitous in Egypt. Many restaurants, especially those that cater to foreigners, will also offer a Borio Madness ice cream treat, or a Borio smoothie, or varieties of this sort.

But as my wife was shopping the other day she saw the Borio and the Oreo side-by-side.

The foreign Oreo costs 1.5 LE for a pack of three – the equivalent of 22 US cents.

The local Boreo costs 1 LE for a pack of six – the equivalent of 14 US cents.

By contrast, a quick internet search revealed that Walmart in the US is offering a variety 12 pack of Oreos, each containing four cookies, for $18.72, or, $1.56 each.

Anyone with a sweet tooth care to join us?

Sure, the wrapper will probably be thrown on the garbage littered streets, and there is the pesky problem of riots and occasional explosions and all, but think of it differently…

Who can turn down a Borio, especially at these prices?

Ahlan wa sahlan.

3 replies on “Borio: Milk’s Favorite Cookie”

Funny 🙂 We will be moving to Cairo this summer so at least I can tell my teen that Oreos and Borios are available. However, as she is a salt and vinegar potato chip fan, this might be her biggest concern. Maybe a knock off of that or at least a new flavour that she will learn to love, who knows?


Have no fear. Learn the very important word ‘Chipsy’ — it is a local Lays-like product that has salt and vinegar, among other traditional and non-traditional flavors. Welcome soon.

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