Friday Prayers for Egypt: Police Blotter

Flag Cross QuranGod,

The police usually do not belong in the papers. The criminal should take the headlines, with the officer behind the scenes. In Egypt, sadly, this has not been true. The pendulum, hopefully, might yet reach balance.

Police abuse and corruption was a prime catalyst of the revolution. Demonized, the papers scrutinized every fault. Later, the police stood with the army and multitudes of demonstrators against Morsi. Lionized, the papers rehabilitated their reputation.

But once again the police are back in the papers. Carefully, cautiously, reports of abuse and corruption hit the front page.

Some say it is sanctioned directly from the top. To reform an institution requires public will; shaping public will requires media dissemination.

Sisi may be saying: Get your house in order.

The police chief has also been vocal: We will treat citizens humanely, we will train in human rights.

And a few police have been arrested, accused in the deaths of detainees.

God, you know the realities of how Egypt works. You know the practices inside police stations. You know the relationship between government and press. And you know the sincerity of each man’s heart.

May good laws be enforced by good men in good institutions. Reform all to the extent necessary.

Let public rhetoric shape public behavior, and curb private but official violations. Let media shaming evolve into legal accountability. Let police take pride in their performance. Let justice and rule of law characterize the social order.

And give wisdom to Egypt to know how to get there.

God, bless this land and give her peace.


2 replies on “Friday Prayers for Egypt: Police Blotter”

Thank you for this Jayson. As you know this is a subject close to my heart but also by some sections of the press subject to information.

As I have said before in the words of a Gilbert and Sullivan sons a policemans lot is not a happy one. But we need to pray that the majority of them are honest fair and do not take sides, as I am sure they are all over the world including Baltimore.

It is also claimed that the public get the Police they deserve quite simply by the way the general public treats them, treat people like camel dung they will start behaving like it, and those who don’t necessarily treat them like that are all very likely to be quick to criticise or snipe or make claims about them.
Each and everyone of them are individuals, each and everyone of them have Mothers who love them, and our Father certainly loves each and everyone of them.
They are nobodies friend but the first person they call in the smallest of problems.
May our Lord watch over them all, may the written apples be removed, and may everyone pray for them. The are like all of us very human and again like all of us sinners,
In the same way as the bible teaches us to respect our politicians it also tells us to respect the laws created by those politicians and those whose duty it is to uphold those laws honestly without fear or favour.


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