Friday Prayers for Egypt: Economic Execution

Flag Cross Quran


So much of a nation’s economic strength depends on perception. Egypt is poised to receive a boost this weekend, as it hosts a massive investment conference attracting business leaders and heads-of-state the world over.

But let it be real, God, and let it be good.

To be real, let it address infrastructure and corruption. Let it develop entrepreneurship and employment. Let it move beyond photo-ops and sign on the dotted line.

To be good, let it address poverty and environment. Let it develop education and benefits. Let it move beyond tycoons and strengthen both lower and middle classes.

For there are those, God, who warn this conference aims to ‘sell off’ the nation. Some are wary of neoliberalism, others of consumerism.

But some move beyond concern to sabotage. The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to raise the risk of investment calling all contracts with the coup government to be void. Allied movements push further, bombing local branches of companies in attendance.

They too want to change the perception, showing Egypt unstable and a bad investment. God, you know the reality.

For economy demands more than perception, it requires execution. But in the political sphere, Egypt recently employed the other sense of this word.

During post-Morsi violence, a pro-Morsi mob threw youths from a rooftop during widespread clashes. A year and a half later, one of this mob was executed by the state.

Some cry foul, saying they got the wrong man, or he was guilty in the mob but not of the murder.

God, so many are guilty of so much. Bring justice, but have mercy. Establish order, but bring consensus. Every man dead is a tragedy, every assault on another is a sin.

After four years of revolution, God, there is so much clean-up. Give transparency to the justice system, and courage to the prosecutors. Hold accountable all who have done wrong, and hold close the victims of injustice.

Sort them clearly, God, in this life as well as the next.

In the next life your economy is perfect. But in this one stability, justice, and rule of law are necessary prerequisites. They have been in short supply in Egypt, but grant them soon, and now.

Let them be real, God. Let them be good. And in them help all Egypt to prosper.


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