Friday Prayers for Egypt: Russia, Gulf, Zamalek

Flag Cross Quran


As Egypt tries to bolster its foreign policy and economic stability, she can’t help but trip over her own feet. With help, that is, of someone tripping deliberately.

The president of Russia visited Cairo, pledging investment and a possible nuclear reactor. Egypt then mangled Russia’s national anthem.

The president of Egypt contacted the heads of Gulf nations, following alleged leaks of internal conversation on how to milk their financial support. All is well, they assured. But who released the tapes, or fabricated them?

Despite the slip-ups, Russia and the Gulf represent foreign policy advances. But domestically twenty Zamalek soccer fans died in a stampede brought on by poor crowd control, unruly behavior, and hasty resort to tear gas.

God, much has not worked well in Egypt for years, and entrenched patterns of behavior contribute to self-sabotage. Some call conspiracy in Zamalek, but comfort first the families. Then, establish those responsible, and hold them to account.

Help police to lay off the trigger, and help society learn how to queue.

Conspiracy, though, is clear with the leaks. If true, and you are revealing the private face of public leaders, then as often prayed bring all things into the light. May Egypt see clearly the character of her officials.

If false, then you are allowing still the manipulators to hide. Bring them into the light, and reveal the character of those who slither.

But either way, it sows discord. All men need sanctuary for private speech and planning. Leaks ruin trust, the most precious of commodities. May the source be found with minimal rupture, and may none turn against the other in suspicion.

Set Egypt’s ship right, God. Help her president, and give him wisdom. Even as far as Russia. Help Egypt to be strong in herself, in good relation with all around. Keep her from the dangerous game of intrigue, where few honorable principles can operate.

In it, God, it is easy to trip up. Especially when some are trying. Especially when Egypt, far too often, is clumsy.

Bolster her nimbleness, grant her stability. She is in dire need of training.


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