Friday Prayers for Egypt: More Deaths

Flag Cross Quran


The week opened with numerous protesters and a few policemen dead after clashes on the revolution anniversary. It ended with many soldiers dead following terrorist attacks on their positions in Sinai.

God, be merciful to Egypt. Pretentions are dropping as pro-Brotherhood and pro-state media openly incite against one another. Beyond the lives lost the battle is for stability, perhaps interpreted as justice.

Justice for one side means exposure and conviction of a clandestine group which manipulated its way into power. Justice for the other means exposure and conviction of a cabal which manipulated them out of it.

But for too many of both, justice is interpreted as death.

And stability is the card. If it can be maintained the status quo will reveal the sins of the former. If it can be upended the reversal will reveal the sins of the latter.

All have sinned, God, and fall short of your righteousness. Make known in Egypt your justice.

And in it, God, be merciful to Egypt. Soften the hearts of all. May police work with utmost respect. May activists protest with utmost peace. When either side violates, may this commitment double among the offended.

Because among many, civility is halving. God, honor all that you can of their zeal, but shine your light upon hatred, revenge, and calculating ambition.

Let death be neither means nor goal. Rid its sting, deny its victory. God, be merciful to Egypt, and grant her your stability.


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