Friday Prayers for Egypt: A New Year

Flag Cross Quran


Every new year brings new possibilities. But old issues linger. Help Egypt to find resolution.

What should become of Islamism? Criminals can be prosecuted, but what of citizens?

What will become of human rights? Stability is necessary, but is it sustainable without them?

What can become of the economy? Tourism and investment may return, but will all take an equitable share?

God, these and other issues continue. Trials are ongoing in an uncertain judiciary. Corruption hovers as a near insolvable specter. Reform is needed in countless sectors, each with strong institutional power to resist.

A revolution was launched with all the right slogans. Four years later little has changed. Yet while the hopes of many have been dashed, others see new hope finally emerging.

In this new year, God, give hope a grounding in reality. Strengthen state, society, and citizen together. May all three come together to answer the questions above.

The answers will come amid many possibilities. Where the answer is right, give Egypt the resolve to carry it out. Bless this new year, God, and all Egypt in it. May her people know peace.


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