Friday Prayers for Egypt: Threat and Rumor

Flag Cross Quran


Keep Egypt safe, from both threat and rumor. Help her to distinguish between the two.

Several Western embassies closed their doors this week, citing security threats but giving few details. The government seemed offended, and some claimed conspiracy. Stability comes from both truth and perception.

Leaks were released, with the voice of an army general instructing falsification of documents to make legal the detention of former president Morsi. The government claimed the recording a fake, and some wondered about treachery. Unity in the military is both safeguard and question.

Interpol listed a pro-Brotherhood, elderly Egyptian sheikh in Qatar as wanted by Cairo on criminal charges of inciting murder. The government calls him a terrorist, and some call him a godfather. Polity in Islam is both support and threat.

God, rumors are rampant in Egypt, as are the threats. Defend her from both.

May embassies open, and leaks seal. May transparency serve, and justice rule. May terrorism cease, and stability flourish.

Oppose those who spread rumors, God. Bring their whispers to light and expose their ill intentions.

Oppose those who threaten with anything but justice. But support both a righteous order and a bold critique. Rumors are tools of those who lie, but truth is a threat to all who manipulate.

Rid Egypt of their sins, God, and restore to her sons of honest character. May she wisely distinguish between them.


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