Friday Prayers for Egypt: Deep Wounds

Flag Cross Quran


When all is not well the wounds can go deep. Continued health demands paying attention.

The Muslim Brotherhood has stumbled badly. Tripped deliberately or drunk with power, their wound still feels fresh to many. And the United Arab Emirates throws salt on it by designating them – and allegedly connected organizations – as terrorist entities.

But the wound in the Gulf is treated carefully. Qatar, isolated politically from her neighbors, is restored into fellowship with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Agreeing to tone down her rhetoric against Egypt, they tone down support as well for the Brotherhood.

The wounds of many have been left to fester. The anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes passed with little remembrance, as revolutionary activists lament missing justice. One former Brotherhood member beloved of most activists had long withdrawn from many in depression. She committed suicide only a few days earlier.

God, the Brotherhood is mentioned in all the above, but there are many wounded beside. Indeed, they caused much of the wounding. But whether activists or old guard, Islamists or Christians, Bedouins or police, tour guides or the average Egyptian, many are nursing their lingering bruise.

Having a wound implies neither innocence nor guilt. All it implies is the need for healing.

Some wounds demand amputation. God, help Egypt, the region, and the world judge the Brotherhood correctly.

But deal mercifully with all taken in by the promise of the Brotherhood, who currently at least have had their dreams derailed. Deal mercifully as well with those enamored of the revolution, who find their sacrifices have been in vain.

Guide them, God, so that they may reflect correctly. But heal them and restore them to wholeness.

But even treated wounds can leave a scar. And a scar can boost pride and intimidate others.

For those wounded early in the revolutionary period, many have rebounded. They were trampled on by the dreams of others, and many were enamored with their fall. May they now deal mercifully.

Guide them, God, so that they may reflect correctly. But heal them and restore them to wholeness.

But after their individual healing, God, judge righteously between them. Hold accountable all who have erred. Deal mercifully, but restore society to wholeness.

And if Egypt heals, may the Gulf as well. Not just politically, but in full conformity with your will. Bless the region, God, and all its people.

Her wounds are deep and stretch back decades, even centuries. May all pay attention, and in good health, continue.


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