Friday Prayers for Egypt: Journalism, Rights Review

Flag Cross Quran


Eyes were on Egypt this week, from inside and outside, to hold her accountable. May she be worthy and exceed all standards.

But some do not think so. Offended by their editors-in-chief, 400 Egyptian journalists signed a petition protesting media pledges to not undermine the government.

And in advance of a periodic human rights review by the United Nations, a consortium of NGOs and activists put forward several recommendations where they believe Egypt falls short.

Many in the UN criticized, while Egyptian officials defended their policies.

God, weigh between them, but only for good. May their disputes lead to dialogue and then to development.

Bless journalists for the courage of their convictions. Bless editors for their support of their nation. But keep the former from muckraking and the latter from sycophancy. Help the truth to be told with all transparency.

Bless activists for their dedication to human rights. Bless officials for application in difficult times. But keep the former from distortion and the latter from misrepresentation. Help life to be lived with all dignity.

But where there is fraud or injustice, God, root it out.

May those inside and outside both contribute. Make Egypt accountable, above all to your standard.

May all eyes find her worthy.


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