Friday Prayers for Egypt: Military Missions

Flag Cross Quran


Bless the Egyptian military in its many responsibilities. They seem to be rapidly increasing.

The horrible explosion last week in Sinai killed 31 soldiers, and prompted the government to evacuate the area. A buffer zone is being created on the border of Gaza, with homes demolished and population relocated. The military is undertaking the effort.

The ongoing protests in university campuses has prompted the government to allow official security force intervention. Private security must be supplemented, and quick trials are necessary for saboteurs. The military is undertaking the effort.

The fiscal crises have prompted the government to stimulate the economy. New projects have been authorized everywhere, from building new apartments to building new soccer fields. The military is undertaking the effort.

God, may all tasks be done well.

But care also for those affected by these decisions. Have mercy on the evacuated; may they be treated justly in this sacrifice. Give patience to the students; may the accused have transparent trials and the rest find vibrant campus life. Help profit the businesses; may they employ many and expand their markets.

But are the tasks necessary, God? Are they good? Is this the place for the army?

Some say no, that the expansion of role damages the military and suffocates both public and private sectors. Some say yes, that in times of crisis the military can work quickly and avoid the bureaucratic corruption in the public and private sectors.

Judge rightly, God, and give discernment to the people. But give the government – military, police, and politicians – wisdom in combatting terrorism.

Give the government wisdom in promoting education. Give the government wisdom in facilitating business.

Above all, God, may the government be responsible. Bless it and the military, and Egypt altogether.


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