Friday Prayers for Egypt: Open, Closed, and Outlawed

Flag Cross Quran


After a long delay, Egypt’s universities opened again, and with it a renewal of student protests.

After a long tenure, the Carter Center closed its Egypt operations, claiming the nation was unlikely to move toward democratic governance.

And after a long tolerance, the government formally outlawed the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, the mostly Islamist effort to return President Morsi to power.

Weigh each step, God, and judge accordingly. The general rhetoric is well known and oft-repeated, but help each measure to be understood in turn.

Provide for students a good education, inclusive of political consciousness. But may the antics of some not disturb the studies of all.

Honor the Carter Center for their work these past three years in critiquing Egypt’s political state. But raise up others who can provide respected assessment of coming parliamentary elections.

And with the NASL, all that exists is the general rhetoric: Establish the truth within competing narratives.

God, give wisdom to the leaders, discernment to the people, and resolute integrity to all.

Egypt has long awaited good, efficient, and honest operation, God. In school, in elections, and in opposition, may all three be witnessed soon.



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