Friday Prayers for Egypt: Demons and the Double Anniversary

Flag Cross Quran


One year later, divisions remain in Egypt. But neither pro- nor con- show strong inclination to mark the day, or rather two, that set events in motion.

On June 30 massive protests demanded early presidential elections. On July 3 the president was removed. Some call it the military fulfilling ignored demands of a revolution; others call it a coup d’etat.

One year later, God, there is still no local consensus. Help it to come. In its place are assertion, force, and demonstration.

Those in support of June 30 largely chose to avoid public celebrations. Several explosions in the area made congregation dangerous, and many chose instead to focus on work rather than play. Much of the country just wants to go back to normal, hopeful the new normal will be better.

Those against July 3 tried to rally public demonstrations, and mobilized far better crowds than had been seen in a while. Still, numbers were low compared to the past, and somewhat unconvincing. Many chose instead to gripe privately, either in fear of arrest or resignation with their lot. Much of the country just wants to go back to normal, even if the old normal was never that good.

There are more anniversaries to come, God, ones that may further this division. August 14 marks both the bloody dispersal of anti-coup protestors and the bloody attack on the nation’s churches. Consensus here may be hard to find.

What to do, God, if it cannot come? Where is social peace when each side demonizes the other? For it is not just exaggeration; when blood flows the demons are never far. Is one side right to be vanquished? How can consensus be achieved with a demon?

God, there is an exorcism needed that is far deeper than politics. It must cast out the spirit of suspicion. It must repel the urge toward rejection. It must shine light into the fog and shadows in which too many reside.

Perhaps some say the demon was exorcized one year ago, God, and perhaps they have cause. But a house swept clean can have seven demons return. Apt or not to the current reality, there is a greater habitation needed.

Come and indwell Egypt, God. With you bring peace, love, and justice. From your spirit teach both people and leaders how to apply them transparently. Shine your light, that all demons may flee.

For a desire for normalcy may only leave them dormant. Scream though they may, wholeness comes only from expulsion. Violent as they resist, they must submit to you.

Therefore may Egypt call on and commit to your goodness. Whether in support of June 30 or in opposition to July 3, may Egyptians build and not destroy. May they honor all and hate none. May they act righteously and graciously no matter their goal.

Mixing all together, God, give Egypt consensus. Heal, and give peace within themselves.

Since January 25 Egypt has many anniversaries to mark, and each one is contested. May a strong inclination go beyond them all, and set your principles in motion. Break down all divisions, and make the people one.


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