Dorosy in the Wizard of Oooz

Wizard of Oz
Homemade Ruby Red Slippers for the Show

At the end of the school year – and yes, somehow in Egypt, we are already at the end – our girls’ school puts on an assembly for parents that includes an English language play.

This year Hannah, our kindergartener, has been selected for the leading role in the Wizard of Oz.

But when we say it is in English, we mean Egyptian English. We suspect Hannah was chosen because she is the only native English speaker in her class. Nonetheless, she memorized – and pronounces – the lines as they were taught to her by her teachers.

In fact, she memorized everyone’s lines. Here is an exclusive preview of her performance, running through the script in about five minutes.

And just in case, we provide subtitles if her accent cannot be fully understood. Don’t worry, she speaks good American English also.

Finally, here are some pictures from the big event:

Hannah as Dorothy

Oz Stage

And, though it is hard to understand, a snippet from the actual performance:

Flowers, everyone, for the leading lady.

Hannah After

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