Friday Prayers for Egypt: Getting to Know You

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Bless both Sisi and Sabbahi, as they make themselves known to the Egyptian electorate.

This is different than making themselves known to Egypt, for both already possess developed reputations. Sabbahi has been in an election before and his views are public. But though only 18 months ago, it was a very different time. Why should we vote for you now?

And while Sisi also has been constantly in the media as he deposed President Morsi after popular outcry, his test is different now. His leadership is public, but his views are less clear. On what basis should we vote for you?

This week, both sat down for extended interviews on national television.

It is hard to judge reaction, but at least a reaction was prompted. With official campaigning started the candidates must put themselves before the people.

May they judge wisely, God, with full discernment.

Help them to know the weight of the times. Egypt is three years since revolution, with little progress or stability since. Which candidate can handle the responsibilities of state and right the ship?

Help them to know the depth of the visions. Egypt has been full of wild promises and empty platitudes. Which candidate can convince the public he has thought through the chaos and can enact solutions?

Help them to know the heart of the candidates. Egypt has seen acts of great sincerity and great manipulation, but the prevalence of rumors call all into question. Which candidate has an honest intention to serve the people through transparent means?

Perhaps none fit the bill exactly, God. If so, judge if a boycott will help or hinder the nation.

For many Egyptians are divided between these three choices. But in the three weeks to come, test each idea thoroughly. Run the candidates through the crucible of public scrutiny, that a winner may come out refined.

May Egypt get to know them, and may the candidates truly know the people. In both directions, guide above perceptions into substance, and help all do what is right.


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