Friday Prayers for Egypt: Absolute Peacefulness

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Accusations circulate, trials continue, but the question remains: What is the relationship of the Muslim Brotherhood to violence?

In response to the ongoing climate of terrorism, vandalism, and demonstrations-cum-clashes, the group put out a long statement asserting their ‘absolute peacefulness’. They have no relation to recent attacks, they said, and none of their members resort to violence even in defense.

Numerous anecdotes refute this statement, God, so what should be understood from it? Thank you that it is made, at least. May it serve to combat a culture of violence that is spreading among many in their attitude of resistance.

And protect the Brotherhood and its members from any undue maligning. Egypt is still in a crisis period, where recourse to propaganda is an easy temptation for all. Place men of conscience in the courtrooms, in the police stations, and in the media, to deal justly with each Brother who comes their way.

But God, if this is their own propaganda, make known the reality. The Syrian Brotherhood is engaged in civil war, Hamas in armed resistance. However just their causes may be in your sight, they are violent. Does this Egyptian statement reveal a commitment, a tactic, or an outright lie?

Outsiders have not been reticent to give their opinion, God. Turkey and Qatar assert the group’s legitimacy; Saudi Arabia and the Emirates call them terrorists. Now England is to take up the challenge. Having now and long given refuge to Brotherhood dissidents, they will investigate any illegal activities or relationships with those who commit them.

Transparency, God, and all due process. If the aforementioned nations do not have the best reputation in terms of freedom and human rights, allow England to live up to its reputation. But inasmuch as that reputation is trashed by others who see espionage in the heart of London, make clear all evidence against the Brotherhood, if any.

Forgive our world, God, where truth is contested and interests trump justice. And even where values are held and defended, many will do evil that good may prevail. Where in this the Brotherhood falls, God, make known to everyone. May the moral high ground truly be moral.

And in this also, forgive the revolutionaries who have succumbed to the same. Whether against Mubarak, the army, Morsi, the army, or against the state and security in general, many have lashed out within their peacefulness. With some it is provoked, for others it is cover. But where there is a struggle for true freedom and justice, cause these ideals to prevail.

And implement them, within a state licensed to employ violence legally, though judiciously. Hold authorities accountable for all excesses, but give them firmness also to enforce the right.

Teach Egypt, God, the meaning of absolute peacefulness. The ongoing climate presents many challenges, but honor those only who stand firm to the end.


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