Friday Prayers for Egypt: Targeting Tourism

Flag Cross Quran


Terrorism in Egypt turned a page this week. Until now the targets have almost nearly all been related to the security apparatus – the army and the police. But when a suicide bomber boarded a tourist bus in the Sinai, killing three Koreans and the Egyptian driver, the game changed.

The claim of responsibility announced an economic war, and related though unconfirmed statements warned all tourists to leave within two days. The Egyptian economy and tourist sector – already troubled after three years of instability – may be hard pressed to bear further damage.

God, protect Egypt. Foreign visitors have no share in the current struggle. Whatever evil is behind this action, spoil their plots and bring them to justice.

For foreign visitors have a huge share in restoring stability, in support of the nation but also the current authorities. If they come, they spend, and they send a signal to the world that things are ok in Egypt.

Protect them, God. Give them courage to come and honor their hosts.

But bless these hosts, God. Equip the state to protect both its citizens and guests. Keep the political struggle far from violence, and have the authorities be worthy of honor.

So for all involved in the political struggle, establish a respect for law, order, stability, and transparency. Where there is transgression, hold accountable. Where there is manipulation, expose.

End terrorism, God, and establish justice. End polarization, and develop consensus. Punish crime, and restore morality.

And within this process, God, allow many tourists to come and be blissfully ignorant.



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